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Galaxy S4 und HTC One im Videovergleich: Keiner ist besser @ AndroidPIT

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Heute lasse ich zwei Top-Smartphones gegeneinander antreten: das neue Samsung Galaxy S4 und das HTC One, das Vorzeigemodell von HTC. Beide kämpfen gerade um die Gunst der Android-Fans. Was sie besonders macht und wo sie sich voneinander unterscheiden, zeige ich Euch in meinem Video. 

SECTOR Pilot Master R3273679025 Review @ NikKTech

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Most of the people i know who wear wristwatches all the time have one or more favorite brands which they always trust when the time comes either to buy a new watch to add to their collection or as a replacement for an old one. Back in 2002 i was out for a stroll when i passed in front of a watch shop which had almost a 3 digit number of models on display (something that was a bit surprising since most watch shops have like 10-20 samples on display). However out of all these watches my eyes fell on a single bracelet one made by an unknown brand to me called SECTOR but due to its somewhat high price tag (at least for me back then) i skipped on buying it. Obviously back then i wasn't that much into watches (especially bracelet ones since it was the leather/rubber era for me) which pretty much explains my ignorance regarding a well-established watch manufacturer like SECTOR. Fast forward 11 years later and today on our test bench we have one of the latest Sector watches to hit the market the Pilot Master R3273679025 (R stands for Racing).

Tech-Life BeatBlock Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review @ NikKTech

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April is almost over and so the time has finally come for most of us to start making preparations and plans for our summer vacations (although personally I’ll be happy if i can manage to leave for just a week). This might be also why many friends and even some of you out there have asked from us to increase our reviews regarding mobile audio devices like Bluetooth headsets and speakers something which as you can easily see we've been doing already. However to satisfy that request we are working around the clock to acquire and test such devices from all the leading manufacturers in the field. One such manufacturer is Tech-Life (yet quite new) and today we will be taking a look at their BeatBlock Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker which according to them is the most advanced of its kind currently in the market.

Corsair Obsidian 350D review @ Guru3D

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We review a new chassis from Corsair, it Obsidian 350D. It is the mini-me version of the new Obsidian 900D chassis. Not mid, not full, mini and this intended for small form factor PCs. Now the product might be tagged as mini, the details and features however are grand. Armed with a price much better then the 900D this might be the product a lot of you are on the lookout for.

i’m Watch: A Smartwatch Review @ TechwareLabs

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The smartwatch is still a relatively new concept, and I only say that because their availability, functionality, and technology aren’t quite there yet for them to appear on the “must have” list of many consumers. However, we are seeing more and more companies throw their hat into the smartwatch ring (Apple, Microsoft, etc…), and this “could” lead to yet another phenomenon. So, when we got word that we had a smartwatch coming in for review, I was pretty excited to get my hands on it and see what it could do. Today we will be taking a look at the i’m Watch by an Italian based company called i’m SpA.

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